- Spot Cash: 8% to 10% Regular - Spot Down payment: 5% to 8%
What income is required for monthly amortization? NDI
- 30%
How many days are needed for the submission of documents?
- 30days
How long will it take before the reservation fee will be forfeited? and what percent will be added for penalty?
- Maximum 60 days, no down - 2% or 500. Whichever is higher on amount due?
When is the turnover of my unit?
This will depend on several factors. However, brokers, especially in-house agents, usually discuss the estimated turnover of units with clients. The schedule varies, but it can be anywhere from the first to the 24th month upon full payment of the unit.
Ask your broker about it just to make sure so your expectations will be guided.
Free Transfer of Title?